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Home builders, floor plans, 
custom homes in Myrtle Beach, SC

Home Builders, Floor Plans, Custom Homes in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We at Benchmark Homes are dedicated to building the custom home that you desire. This means that we do not limit our work to certain styles or sizes of residence. Our home design team can take your collection of photographs of existing rooms, magazine pages of a kitchen or fireplace, sketches of a front elevation and two different floor plans, and merge them into the one plan you have been trying to find. On the other hand, if you already have a complete set of plans for your home, we will be happy to implement them. If you are going to build in the Myrtle Beach area, talk to us and let us do it right.

Questions about building

Building at the Beach and in a warm climate has its own set of requirements that are unlike anywhere else. We have listed some of the concerns you and your home builder must consider.

If you would like straight answers to these or any other questions, just contact us.

  1. What systems are included in my custom home to minimize hurricane damage?
  2. How will my home be protected against the heat of a Carolina Summer?
  3. What is the difference between building on a crawl space or a concrete slab?
  4. What can I do about termites?
  5. Is there some standard that tells me that my home is insulated well?
  6. How can I tell if the appliances in my home are energy efficient?
  7. How can I protect my appliances from lightning strike damage?
  8. Is there a carpet fiber that can be cleaned easily in a beach environment?
  9. Is there a chance my home will flood because the Grand Strand is so flat and close to sea level?
  10. What can I do to keep mildew off of my roof and exterior walls?
  11. Why shouldn't we use oil based paints in our home?
  12. What can I do to protect the metals outside of my home from salt pitting?
  13. Why shouldn't I use a front door made of wood?
  14. What problems will I have if I buy plans from a magazine and want to change them?
  15. What kind of warranty will I get with my home?
  16. How do I know that the budgets for all of the finishing items in my home are adequate?
  17. Should I use roof trusses or have the roof stick built?
  18. Why should I use Yellow Pine instead of White Pine for the structure of my home?
  19. Is there a way to tell if my lot has sand or clay soils on it?
  20. How can I tell if underground water is a problem on my lot?
  21. Why do some areas have a "preferred builder" list?
  22. When construction is underway, is it too late or too costly to make changes to my home?

If you require sound construction technique, craftsmanship that is second to none and an exterior/interior design team to advise you on colors and materials, we should be your home builder. If you would like to talk with us, please feel free to call us collect, email or fax us.

You are our only business and we will be happy to talk with you about your new home.

Home builders, floor plans, custom homes in Myrtle Beach, SC

Home builders, floor plans, 
custom homes in Myrtle Beach, SC

Home builders, floor plans, 
custom homes in Myrtle Beach, SC


At Benchmark Homes we have made the decision to not build homes for the market or “spec” homes as they are sometimes called. We have done this because building “spec” homes often creates a conflict with the contract homes we build. For instance, if we need to finish a “spec” home and a contract home during the same time period, it is easy to imagine which home would get the attention first. In order to avoid any conflict, the only reasonable decision is to limit our business solely to the clients who hire us to give our best effort on their behalf.

However, this tends to create another problem. You may have noticed that some developments have a list of “preferred builders”. It is easy to assume that they are preferred because of the quality of their product. That may be the case. In most instances, however, a “preferred builder” is one who has purchased a lot in that subdivision and is building a “spec” home on it. And that usually is the only requirement for becoming a “preferred builder”. This obviously eliminates our company from that list.

You may find some Realtors who will still recommend our company to you. We only ask that you give us the opportunity to become your builder.
Benchmark Homes Inc.
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