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General FAQs

Where does Benchmark build?

Benchmark Homes builds in most of Washington and Idaho, Northern Oregon and Central North Dakota.  Click here to see a map of where you can find a Benchmark Home office serving your area. We build on YOUR LAND whether it’s a sloped site overlooking a forest range or beautiful flat prairie. Once you have met with our Project Consultant, we can meet with you at your site to help situate your home exactly how you envision.

How long does it take to build a home?

Once permits have been secured and we can pour foundation, it generally takes 5-7 months to build a new home. However, there are many factors that play into the schedule. The location of your property and the challenges it might create, local permitting and jurisdictional requirements, and the time of year your home is built are all examples of what can impact the project schedule. We discuss these factors at the beginning of the project and throughout the process.

Schedule a time to visit our office to discuss current build times for your project.

I am new to the building process. How do I get started?

The best step is to identify the perfect piece of land that you would like to call home. In doing so, have a BUDGET for the overall project in mind and consider the following when looking for that perfect spot:

  1. Flat sites allow for a more affordable foundation to be built.
  2. Dry lots minimize wetland concerns.
  3. Typically, the closer to a power source you build, the less the cost of development (clearing, driveways, power trenches, etc.)

Once you have found just the right place to call home, our Project Consultant will meet with you to start creating your dream.

Having trouble finding land? Not a problem, we have real estate connections to help you find your little piece of heaven.

Do you have a land/home package?

Yes, we will help place your land and home into one convenient lending package. When building a home, it’s important for you to choose both your home AND your neighborhood. We have great partnerships with real estate professionals who will help you find the perfect property, and our experienced lenders will then combine the purchase of the land and the construction of the home into one convenient loan package.

Will I have instant equity when my home is complete?

While instant equity can be a great selling point for a home, there is really no way to know or guarantee how much equity a customer will have in their home when it is complete. The value of a completed home is based on the home plan the customer chooses to build, how the size and finishes compare to the other homes sold in the surrounding area, the finishes the customer chooses for the home, the value of the property, and fluctuations in the selling market. Many of our customers DO end up having great equity in their new home and our Project Consultants can guide you through the process to ensure you maximize your homes equity potential.

Where are your communities of homes?

Benchmark Homes is an On-Your-Lot builder, so we build your home wherever YOU choose to live. Whether you prefer a rural country setting or a convenient lot in town, we’ll build your home on the land you choose. Occasionally, a Benchmark location will choose to develop a small plat within their local community. Please contact the office in the region you would like to live to see if they have any developments underway.

Who does Benchmark use for Subcontractors?

Every Benchmark home is built by local sub-contractors, with material from local suppliers within your surrounding area. We understand by hiring from within your community, it helps build your local economy. Each sub-contractor is trained by specialists to achieve the performance level required by Benchmark Homes. This exclusive training is invaluable, so retaining local sub-contractors assures a consistent high-quality product is achieved.

What kind of warranty does Benchmark Homes offer?

We know you want a home that is sound and well-built.  We stand behind our homes and offer 1 year whole-home foundation-to-rooftop warranty, a 5 year warranty for the mechanical systems (electrical/heating/plumbing), and a 10 year structural warranty.

Floor Plans and Customizations

Can you build from a plan I had drawn up or a plan I found online?

Benchmark Homes are designed for affordability and to maximize efficiency. If you would like to use your own plan or customize the structural elements check out our other home collections at

Can I make changes to Benchmark floor plans?

Non-structural changes may be made such as adding siding options, porch covers and inside materials. If you need structural changes check out our other home collections at

What are my options for finishes and materials?

Click the button below to view our full list of standard features and available options.

Financing Your Home

Does it cost more to build a home rather than buy an existing home?

This depends on numerous factors.  In an apples to apples comparison, it would typically cost less to build a new home than to buy a comparable existing home.  When purchasing an existing home, you are paying the current appraised value, which equates to no equity in the home at all.  When building a new home, the cost to build is typically less than what the appraised value would be when completed.  This offers equity in your home.

Can I do some of the work myself to save money?

Yes, there are many ways to gain some “sweat equity” while building your home.  The best savings come from managing the site development.  We are happy to discuss how you would like to lend a hand, but work that falls under the warranty of the home needs to be performed by a Benchmark trained contractor.

Can I save more money if I manage building a home myself?

Most customers who find the time to pencil out the cost benefit of managing their own project realize the benefit of building a Benchmark Home.  With 15 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and North Dakota we negotiate the best price for materials and labor, while maintaining excellent working relationships with quality subcontractors.

I found a Benchmark plan I like. How much does it cost to build?

The pricing you find online includes the home from the foundation up. Additional costs include whatever site development your chosen site requires, along with jurisdictional permitting fees, and in some states, sales tax. These costs vary so greatly from site-to-site and in each jurisdiction making it difficult to estimate your overall project costs without having some in-depth knowledge of your lot.  But not to fear, we have Project Consultants to help you from the very start to put the project together.

How does a home construction loan work?

We work directly with approved local lenders to help you find the best financing for your project. Each lender works in a slightly different manner, but most combine the purchase of the property with the construction of the new home into one convenient package. If you already own property, you may be able to use the equity toward the down payment, if one is required. We can help connect you with an approved lender in your area. Once the project begins, the lender makes scheduled draws for you. At the end of the project, the lender rolls the construction loan into a home mortgage.

To learn more about financing your home, click HERE.

Is there a 0% down option for financing?

Yes!  We work with lenders who offer a variety of solutions for home construction lending, including some 0% down options.  As with any loan, there are some guidelines in terms of build location and qualifications, so feel free to contact us to explore whether a 0% down loan is right for you.

Land Acquisition and Site Work

Should I buy land before I talk to a builder?

Identifying property you are interested in helps clarify questions regarding necessary site development and permitting, and we encourage you to contact us before making an offer on a property. This will allow us to meet and discuss the building process  and schedule a time to visit the site.

What do I need to know when purchasing property?

Acquiring a piece of property includes many considerations such as required set-backs, slope of the land, wetland concerns, site clearing, water and power sources, wastewater treatment, and soil type. Check with the seller to see if a land survey or geotechnical report is available.  These will cover many of these considerations.

If you need some help finding property?  We can connect you with a trusted real estate professional to help you find the right spot.

I have land, what is the next step?

CONTACT US! We would be happy to meet at your property to discuss site options, as well as the right floor plan.  We will then work up an estimate of the total project budget.

I need a well and septic, can you help?

Keep in mind, some Benchmark locations offer a Turn-Key service for those customers who’d prefer Benchmark manage the entire project, including septic and well. For those who don’t offer turn-key,  they do have a list of exceptionally qualified subcontractors  who completed this type of work for our customers.. We will provide you with those contacts, but you are able to use someone of your own choosing as well.

CONTACT US to schedule a time to chat.

What is site preparation?

Unique to each lot, site preparation includes land clearing, excavation, backfill, trenching, utility installation and hookups, exterior concrete work, and establishes a driveway.

How much does site preparation cost?

This cost varies greatly from $15,000 to $125,000 and is largely dependent on the size of the lot, slopes, wetlands, desired house location etc. which all determines the amount of site preparation necessary.  We are happy to work with you to help estimate development costs for any lot.

Contact your local sales office, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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